Jadu Host is a secretly held joint stock enrolled web hosting organization and IT Firm established in 2021, so far we have offered support for in excess of 1200 people and business, offering probably the most serious costs in Bangladesh for space names and hosting. We use worker from the World's best data center "Fluid Web" to give you the best web hosting service. Your website will be hosted in a similar data center which is additionally used by the goliath global organizations like Motorola, FeDex, ESPN, Hitachi, Symantec, and Toshiba, which makes your business, goes fine and out an issue. 

Our support members: 

Our support members are extremely welcoming and master in giving you any sort of specialized support. So in the event that you need worker arrangement, database organization, security, movement, framework reclamation, and the sky is the limit from there, we are here to help you. 

Data Center:

We use worker from three distinctive data centers in USA-Liquid Web, Turnkeyinternet, and Hivelocity. The locales are hosted by the bundles and costs. Right now, Liquid web is the best data center on the planet and Jadu Host. is glad to be their accomplice. Usually, We host little, fundamental, progressed, and different bundles to Colocrossing/Server Mania, then again, business, proficient and limitless bundles are hosted in Liquid Web Data Center. 

4500+Domain Names Registered 

3500+WebSites Hosted 




Jadu Host needs to give the most effective web hosting service, for example, snappy stacking and secure website with 100% dependable email service. We not just need to give the most moderate web hosting yet additionally the most solid services that bangladeshi organization needs from our neighborhood web hosting organizations. We work with internationa web hosting organizations so we can 


We need to give the best web hosting service in Bangladesh executing the most recent advancements in web hosting. We might want to build up our own web hosting framework, application, incorporated email framework and our own security programming so we can give our customers totally quick, safe and secure climate of hosting. 


Unwavering quality, Speed and Security 

You will get solid and secure service structure us. 

Responsible Service

We are more responsible for your service quality. 

Easy Knowledge Base

You will get easy knowledge base for our service. 

Free Web Tools and Applications

You will get some free web tools and application that are paid. 

24/7 Dedicated Support

We look after 24/7 hours support by our talented support group. 

Free Backup Lifetime